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Hey! We get it, nobody likes dealing with conflicts – they're like a terrible weight around your neck. But guess what? There's a super relaxed, laid-back approach that can save you from a courtroom drama with expensive lawyers eagerly postponing things for a greater bite of your money. It's called mediation, and I am here to tell you why it totally rocks over litigation.

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Justice for the poor through mediation

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness, for they shall be filled...”

As things now stand we are moving gradually towards the day that the poor will not select mediation as much as mediation will select the poor. Today the promise of equal justice for all remains little more than a distant hope for many who find themselves alienated from economic sustenance by the chasm which is poverty.

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About Social Justice

Since 2006, we have a proud track record of assisting more than 10 000 families in resolving family disputes creatively and effectively, without unnecessary intervention through the courts.  We have developed 25 training manuals on various topics relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution and we have trained more than 1000 delegates in Alternative Dispute Resolution skills in family disputes, in both the public and private sectors.

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Our Processes

Our forerunners have more than 50 years’ collective experience. Through innovative mechanisms, we empower families to resolve disputes peacefully and finding their own win-win solutions. Together we create lasting solutions to suit the needs of our clients. The processes we utilise are accessible, informal, less stressful and cost-effective.