The foundation training for mediation in family matters
comprise of 3 components

Applied Law for Family Mediators

Applied Law for Family Mediators

16h Applied Law for Family Mediators Training (online/blended learning or contact training)

Family and Divorce Mediation

Family and Divorce Mediation

40h Family and Divorce Mediation (contact training)

Psychology for Mediators

Psychology for Mediators

12h Psychology for Mediators (online/ blended learning)

When you decide which training you are going to attend. We suggest you do your research, and then decide.


Consider the following:

  • For how long have the trainers been accredited NABFAM trainers? (National Accreditation Board for Family Mediators) (www.nabfam.co.za)
  • For how long have the trainers been accredited Mediators?  Are they full time mediation practitioners?
  • How many delegates have they trained?
  • Ask for proof that the training is accredited with NABFAM & SACSSP etc?
  • Once you attend a course with us, you can attend a fresher once a year at no cost.  You bring your training manual and pay only for your lunch/refreshments (if the venue provides lunch)

Why our courses?

Our trainers:

  • are internationally accredited mediators since 2009?
  • are NABFAM accredited trainers since 2014
  • have post graduate qualifications in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • have a wealth of practical experience in law and mediation (36 years)
  • have dealt with more than 10 000 matters since 2006
  • have trained more than 1000 delegates across Southern Africa
  • are DOJ Accredited Level 2 Court-Annexed Mediators

Details of Accreditations

Our mediation courses comply with the required Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Development’s norms and standards for Court Annexed Mediators, as well as international standards for 40-hour contact training courses for mediators for Private Mediators.

Our divorce & family mediation training courses are accredited by:

  • The National Accreditation Board of Family Mediators (NABFAM), which is the governing body for:
    • The Social Justice Foundation Association of Mediators,
    • the Family Mediators Association of the Cape (FAMAC),
    • the Kwa Zulu Natal Association of Family Mediators (KAFAM) &
    • the South African Association of Mediators (SAAM).
    • Our divorce & family mediation training courses attract the following CPD points:
  • 10 CPD points for Applied Law for Family Mediators
  • 30 CPD points for Divorce & Family Mediation
  • The 40 Hour Mediation Course is aligned with SAQA Unit Standard 117848 – Conduct mediation in situations that require advanced skills.
  • The South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP), where it attracts the following CPD points:
    • 10 CPD for Applied Law for Family Mediators
    • 25 CPD points for Family Mediation
  • Excelsus (the Dutch Reformed Church's Centre for Continuing Ministerial Development).

About Social Justice

Since 2006, we have a proud track record of assisting more than 10 000 families in resolving family disputes creatively and effectively, without unnecessary intervention through the courts.  We have developed 25 training manuals on various topics relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution and we have trained more than 1000 delegates in Alternative Dispute Resolution skills in family disputes, in both the public and private sectors.

Contact Us

General Enquiries: info@socialjustice.co.za
Landline 021 300 6309
Mediation Services
and Training Enquiries

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Training and Mediation
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Training and Mediation
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Our Processes

Our forerunners have more than 50 years’ collective experience. Through innovative mechanisms, we empower families to resolve disputes peacefully and finding their own win-win solutions. Together we create lasting solutions to suit the needs of our clients. The processes we utilise are accessible, informal, less stressful and cost-effective.